We have news on the ongoing development of Thiscovery


Research teams use Thiscovery to run all or part of a research, consultation or co-creation project online.

What does this look like?

A project hosted on Thiscovery contains one or more online tasks for people to complete. Sometimes the work on Thiscovery is part of a wider programme which also uses face-to-face methods.

Participants have a deadline to complete their tasks. Ahead of that deadline they can carry out tasks at any time. Longer projects can be over several stages, with pauses between stages while data is collected and analysed. Responses from an early stage might then inform tasks later on, with participants invited to contribute at several points during a project.

Our tools offer the most requested elements of qualitative research and more. As Thiscovery is developing we’re always keen to add new useful and replicable functionality.

What’s available?

Thiscovery is built to support and enhance your research capability. Our tools include:


Including consensus building exercises, discrete choice experiments and rating exercises

Appointment booking

Allowing participants to book interview times.

Online calls

Hosting videos for participants to respond to (connecting with surveys)

Self-record interviews

Holding and recording live video conferencing and uploading pre-recorded interviews

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