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Thiscovery makes it easy to hold research and consultation projects online and for people to get involved.

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So how does it work?

Projects on Thiscovery consist of one or more tasks. These tasks can include questionnaires, interviews and more, and are all accessed here on the thiscovery platform.

If you’re a researcher you’ll work with our team to get a project up and running and to find the right people to take part. You can access live data about your project and see what answers are coming through.

If you take part in a project you can complete tasks at any time and from any place. You’ll be asked about your real-life knowledge and experience. You might add information, give opinions, or help to solve problems. You’ll see how long a task is likely to take before you start and most can be completed in 5-10 minutes.

Try Thiscovery for yourself

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We want to maximise Thiscovery’s impact and make it available to everyone with an interest in improving health and care.