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This is a new way of
doing research.

So what is it?

Thiscovery makes it possible for all kinds of people to get involved in research about how to improve healthcare.

It aims to come up with answers to important questions for the NHS.

We aim to bring together NHS patients, staff and many others.

You can take part in studies that draw on your real-life knowledge and experience. You can add information, give opinions, or help to solve problems – as well as many other activities.

Whatever you do, and however short the task, by taking part you are part of something big, and your contributions will be recognised and valued.

Take part in healthcare improvement studies.

A creation of THIS Institute at the University of Cambridge, Thiscovery is a new, exciting way to build the evidence needed to improve the quality and safety of healthcare.

Why take part?

  • Contribute your knowledge and experience to research
  • Help answer important questions for the NHS
  • Take a small step to be part of something big

Get involved